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Estrela Ruiz Leminski is a Brazilian writer and composer, daughter of the poets Paulo Leminski and Alice Ruiz. Graduated in music in the College of Arts of Paraná, she completed her specialization in Brazilian Popular Music and a máster degree in Music and Musicology in the University of Valladolid (Spain), as well as another master in music in the Federal University of Paraná.

In 2004 he released her first book, “Cupido, cuspido, escarrado”, including poems made in childhood and adolescence. In 2009 she participated in the anthology “XXI today’s poets”. In 2010 she launched the book “Poesia é Não” (Poetry is No), contemplated by an important federal program in 2012 and adopted by schools throughout the country. She was part of the anthology of poets of the 2000 Generation of Global Publishing and the anthologies “Poems for children of all ages” and “It is now as never”, both organized by Adriana Calcanhoto. Participated in literary fairs and publications in magazines such as “Poetry Always” from the National Library, Revista de Autofagia from Minas Gerais and Et cetera from Travessa dos Editores. Received awards from the Haikai Brazilian Encounter and the Zempaku-Haikai Contest and also provides workshops on the subject.

In 2006 she published her monography “Contra-Indústria”, about Brazilian independent music, and the CD of compositions “Música de Ruiz”, both in co-authorship with Téo Ruiz. In addition, they formed the musical group “Casca de Nós”. The album “São Sons”, also released together with Teo Ruiz, was voted one of the best albums of 2011 by the magazine Embrulhador. They participated in two musical collections: “Reversos” (from the blog Nego Dito) and “Re-trato” for the Musicoteca website, recording a song composed by the group Los Hermanos. In 2013 they released the DVD São Sons. Performed in Brazil and abroad. She has partnerships with Ceumar, Iara Rennó, Alzira Espíndola, Alice Ruiz, Makely Ka, Renato Villaça and Flávio Henrique, among others.

She organized and idealized the double album “Leminskanções”, with unpublished songs by Paulo Leminski and with some of his partners, released in 2014. In 2015, this project generated a song book with more than 100 songs by Leminski. In this project, she shared the stage with artists such as Moraes Moreira, Zélia Duncan, Zeca Baleiro, Arnaldo Antunes, among others. Participates in the curatorial council of the exhibition “Multiple Leminski”, about life and work of Leminski, that circulates the country since 2013. Also curated the exhibitions “Poet Alice” and “My Polish Heart Returned”. She was invited for the program “Female Singers of Brazil” in 2017, and prepares a new book of poems and prose, as well as a new multimedia album again in partnership with Téo Ruiz.


Téo Ruiz is an active musician, composer and producer. He holds a postgraduate degree in Brazilian Popular Music in the College of Arts of Paraná. In 2010 he completed his master degree in ethnomusicology in the University of Valladolid, Spain, which is about the Brazilian music industry and the reconfiguration of the sector.

He was a soloist of the choir of Federal University of Paraná, and also studied guitar and percussion. He participated in CDs and various festivals and music and poetry events throughout the country. In 2006, he released his first musical work, the album “Tudo tem Recheio” with the band Casca de Nós, being also musical co-producer. He also idealized the project “Independence or Lucky”, an important event of the independent musical scene. In 2006 he also launched the book “Contra-Indústria” in co-authorship with Estrela Leminski. In the same year they also released their musical project, with the first disc “Música de Ruiz”. In 2011, they released the album “São Sons”, considered one of the best of the year by the magazine Embrulhador. With a multimedia proposal, the show of this work generated a DVD with the same name, in 2013, and circulated the 5 regions of the country. After touring in Europe and the United States, in 2017 they prepare their next album. He has partnerships with artists such as Kléber Albuquerque, Alice Ruiz, Makely Ka, Felipe Radicetti, among others.

As a researcher, he published several articles about the music industry in magazines and academic events, as well as being invited by universities and institutions for lectures and teaching courses at important national events. Between 2010 and 2012 he was the president of the National Forum of Music, participating in events throughout the country discussing public policies for the sector and representing these musicians in important meetings with associations and federal and local governments.

As a cultural producer, he is in charge of collective music projects such as “Music in the City” and “Voices of the City”, as well as coordinating the production of the “Multiple Leminski” and “Poet Alice” exhibitions. He coordinates and organizes the executive production of several cultural initiatives since 2005, both at the municipal and federal levels, as well as projects selected by important national calls such as Petrobras Cultural Program and Caixa Cultural. He is also the general director of the International Music Fair of the South (FIMS), an event that aims to open spaces for the generation of musical businesses focused on the southern region of Brazil.

In 2016 he published the book “A Autoprodução Musical” (The Self Music Production) by the publisher Iluminuras, the result of his research about the music industry and the role of the composer. He prepares for 2017 a new multimedia album again together with Estrela Leminski, besides a solo work.


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